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Shampoo Demodex. Demodex on humans. Human demodicosis

Posted by Ovante на Июнь 27, 2010

In addition of living and multiplying in places of sebaceous glands, the demodex mites are often lives on the head, on hair and in hair follicles of the head. Rare but it can even find «home» on eyelashes and eyebrows. Statistics shows that these cases of demodicosis occurs more in women than men. The only reason why women are more affected by the demodicosis is that women use cosmetics: hair dying products which are extremely harsh on skin immune system.

Killing the Demodex species in such cases of Demodicosis is more difficult but possible. People often try to use different home made recipes, advices fromothers hoping to get rid of the demodecosis on the head. The list of tools and techniques that people try to use in order to get rid of the demodex mites multiplied on the head often strike with unthinking attitude to the health in general and hair in particular. Internet resources, forums and blogs are filled with worldly-wise advices,tips from people who uses home-made recipes of mixes and washes of different consistency. Even Though it is your health and your hair, one must remember that everything you apply on the skin enters the bloodstream. Getting rid of the Demodex mites from your head with price of your hair is not the answer.

Remember, that the demodex mites go deep into the skin pores and stay there most of the day. Therefore, home-made anti-demodex remedies will not reach these parasites hiding deep in the skin pores and hair follicles. By applying ineffective home made remedies, hopping that they will kill the mites, you actually supply the mites with delicious food which they will eat when they come out at night.

Only effective — with deep penetrating properties shampoo can kill the demodex mites on the head and restore — regrow the hair damaged by its presence. The shampoo «Demodex» created by our scientists consists of not only 100% natural ingredients which will kill the mites, the shampoo «Demodex» also capable of simultaneously delivering to the hair follicles of the head necessary vitamins and minerals needed for rapid recovery of damaged hair and hair follicles caused by the presence and uncontrolled growth of demodex. Detailed information on natural anti-demodicosis shampoo can be found here.


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All natural remedies for acne — Acne remedy with natural ingredients

Posted by Ovante на Март 10, 2010


There are many benefits from treating post acne blemishes,
acne scars and acne with natural acne products.
The mail and most positive benefits is safety.
As we all know that treating acne or rosacea can not
happen over night or in three days even three weeks
(even though some people advertice that). It takes much
longer time in order to get rid of acne therefore, antibiotis
and chemical are

all natural remedies for acne — Acne remedy.

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Sulfur acne wash that work

Posted by Ovante на Март 6, 2010

sulfur acne wash — Acne Sulfur.

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natural acne spot treatment — Acne natural

Posted by Ovante на Март 4, 2010

I ve used bakin soda to get rid of my chest acne and it did work. Read my story here? may be it will help you as well

natural acne spot treatment — Acne natural.

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Acne adult rosacea — Acne

Posted by Ovante на Март 3, 2010

Acne adult rosacea — Acne.

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How to prevent and treat scars

Posted by Ovante на Январь 22, 2010

People with acne, when acne transforms to sever stages, most likely inherit acne marks & acne scars. There are way to hide and remove cars available. But while one looking for effective way to remove scars it can be frustrating to find what really works.
It is known that acne is skin manifestation that occur in puberty due to changes in hormone levels. Follicles get blocked and sebum (oil) that is normally a drain to the surface gets clogged and bacteria begins to grow.

The http://acnescars.us has very latest information on acne treatments and post acne scar removals. Visit this web site for available natural alternatives.

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Rosacea cleansers, what we don’t know about rosacea treatments

Posted by Ovante на Январь 21, 2010

Even though there are many options available, finding effective rosacea treatment and keeping its symptoms under control can be frustrating. Use of natural, water based cleansers in many cases helps to control rosacea. Unfortunately, many rosaceans forget or ignore this fact and use cleansers with harsh chemicals, alkaline or alcohol.

Needless to say, many rosaceans are still using antibiotics hoping to get rid of rosacea that way.
Little they know, that antibiotics can be used for very short period of time 2 — 3 weeks. Treatment of rosacea usually takes much longer than 2 — 3 weeks. Common sense tells not to use the antibiotics or other chemicals if you want to help your rosacea and if you don’t want do damage your health by taking oral antibiotics for moths and months.

In of the greatest books, called: «Natural cures «THEY» don’t want you to know about» written by Kevin Trudeau, one can find the answer why, we must stay away from drugs, chemicals and antibiotics as much as we possibly can and use just natural products.

To be successful in rosacea treatment, this misterios disease must be treated with natural products, from topical creams to cleansers. Everything we apply on rosacea prone skin, everything we clean and wash rosacea sensitive skin must be natural, have vitamins, oils and minerals but not chemicals and antibiotics. Therefore, always check and compare the ingredients
in rosacea cleansers as well as rosacea creams and you will find YOUR rosacea product.

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Acne scars, is there cure for post acne scars?

Posted by Ovante на Январь 20, 2010

It was said over and over again that the best way to get rid of scars is to avoid or prevent the scar formation by following daily regiment. One of the main things in scar prevention is use of effective acne medication which will stop acne from progressing into severe cases such as cysts and nodules. However, if acne medication failed that most likely that after acne scars and marks will be left.

The latest in scar treatment is use of vitamin C. Only vitamin C can provide scar healing and the regeneration of new new skin. Here is one of the web recourses, where you can read on available ways to treat post acne scars — http://acnescars.us. Follow this like to find out more on available scar treatments.

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Acne free in 3 days, is it really possible?

Posted by Ovante на Январь 20, 2010

This question is always on top of the acne questions discussed in every acne forum or acne blog. Is it relay possible to get rid of acne in just 3 days or it is just another catch to get your attention? Some people think that maybe there is something new they didn’t know about and there is a way to say good by to acne in 3 days, others just ignore such adds.
Well, no matter what you think or what is your opinion on available acne treatments, we have gathered all this information on this web site — http://skinimprovements.com. So, take a moment and check it out.

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Acne scars and vitamin C

Posted by Ovante на Январь 6, 2010

Post acne marks and post acne scars are as much difficult to get rid of as finding safe and effective acne treatment. Even though the prevention is the key to avoid the acne marks and acne scars, it is not always easy to prevent acne from transforming into sever stages. Acne cysts and nodules are responsible for post acne mars and scars. The main reasons why it is not always easy to treat acne effectively — failing acne medications which in most cases are not only ineffective but also unsafe.

Any antibiotic or chemical you chose to treat acne can only be used for very short period of time, to be precise, no longer than 2 — 3 week. If you think that it is possible to get rid of acne within such short period of time, think again. Acne treatment usually quite a lengthy process which takes much longer than 2 — 3 weeks. Only acne creams with natural ingredients are not only safe but can be used as long as necessary to treat acne effectively.

Same rule must apply when it comes to treatment of post acne marks and scars. Even though treating acne marks can be difficult and time consuming, there are many treatments available. Some of the suggested post acne marks treatments however can be risky and extremely expensive. Many topical ant — acne marks creams have chemicals and should not be used at all due to side effects. Some of the suggested treatments for acne marks come in form of pills and must be takes orally loosing their strength.

In order to have the most efficacy in treatment of post acne marks and post acne scars, the medication must be applied topically, in form of a cream. Only topical and only natural creams can provide most efficacy. The latest discovery in treatment of post acne marks is topical use of vitamin C (The Ascorbic acid). Natural cream Melt with vitamin C, which can be found on this very web site is one of very few topical creams which can be used to treat acne marks and post acne scars. Go here and read more about this unique, post acne marks product.

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